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Ajey has been teaching piano and keyboard since 2015. He regularly attends and performs at masterclasses to aid his performance and pedagogical skills.


With an experience of teaching in a wide range of classroom settings in schools all across Maharashtra, he now enjoys giving solo lessons in music. He was a member of the music teaching faculty at Furtados School of Music. Adapting to the changing times, Ajey mostly takes online lessons for his students in the lockdown. He has been taking online lessons for his students abroad since 2016. Under the guidance of Sonam Lodhi, he has successfully completed his Grade 8 in piano and electronic keyboard, Grade 5 in music theory, and Grade 4 in Recorder from Trinity College London. He is now studying Jazz music with his teacher Anurag Naidu in Mumbai.


In May 2020 he completed an online course in Jazz improvisation with Berklee College of Music. In addition to his personal lessons, he also works as a music teacher at Studio Meraki.



Tina Nangrani

Pune, India (Parent)

My children have been learning to play the piano with Ajey for over two years. He has been a source of great inspiration and his passion is reflected in his teaching. The student concerts are a joy to watch. The grace and poise with which the students play is truly amazing. My daughter was only five when she opened the concert for Ajey... it was delightful to see them play a duet together. Ajey has succeeded in achieving a perfect blend of formal teaching and fun that makes every lesson a pleasure to attend. His gentle yet firm approach strikes a fine balance.  Ajey encourages my son to learn pieces outside of the prescribed book and is helping my children develop a keen ear for music. Along with reading the music, they are learning to recognize notes by sound.

Thank you Ajey. Keep up the good work.


Vidhi Surana

Pune, India (Student)

I was a student of Ajey’s during 2017 - initially, I started with the Piano, but after knowing that he plays and teaches the Recorder as well, I was keen to pick up on my old hobby of playing the Recorder. The classes were a mix of Piano and Recorder.


He makes music and theory fun and interactive with his teaching methods. He guided me towards the Level I distinction in Recorder.


Insiya Lokhandwala

Pune, India (Student)

If music is considered to be a language then the piano is one of the instruments which communicates seamlessly.​ My experience with Ajey Deshpande has been an ode. From recitals to Trinity College Exams, he has mentored and supported me, wonderfully. The annual recitals have shaped me as a music performer and exams have paved the path of sincerity and dedication.

"You can learn music at any age" is true in every sense, especially with Ajey.


Vibha Surana

Pune, India (Student)

I learned to play the Piano and Recorder from Ajey. His expertise is clear and he is always able to pinpoint specific things that I need to work on, thanks to his meticulous attention to detail! He is very helpful, patient, and always encouraging. I had a hectic corporate job, but he has always been supportive of keeping a flexible schedule. Ajey creates a very welcoming environment not just for students, but also for working professionals like me.


Tanvi Sholapurkar

Australia (Parent)

My son Aryan is 9 years old. He has been taking online lessons with Ajey since 2017. I fondly remember one incident which happened last year- Aryan was supposed to play a Bollywood song at an Indo-Australian cultural meet in front of 1000 guests. After learning the song well, we had a lot of rehearsals simulating the actual performance. We had one rehearsal where Aryan performed in front of his grandparents in India, Ajey and his family- all on Skype. With so much preparation, it's no surprise that he absolutely nailed the performance on stage. He thoroughly enjoys his weekly lessons and is now preparing for his first musical exam later this year. Aryan always looks forward to his weekly piano lessons on Wednesdays.

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