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  • Which instruments do you teach?
    Piano, Electronic Keyboard and Recorder
  • Do you teach guitar/singing?
    No, but I can recommend some teachers.
  • How long will it take me to learn the instrument?
    Depends on how much you practice. With regular practice, you’ll be able to play simple tunes within weeks. As you progress, the pieces become challenging. There is always something new to learn. I am still learning as well. Learning is a lifelong process.
  • Do I need an instrument at home?
  • Which instrument do I need if I am a beginner?
    Whichever instrument you can afford. You can always upgrade later. Your instrument should have minimum 61 keys, and it should be touch sensitive.
  • What is the difference between an upright piano, digital piano and an electronic keyboard?",feel%20like%20an%20acoustic%20piano.&text=When%20it%20comes%20to%20keys,have%20the%20graded%20key%20action.
  • Can I buy my instrument online?
    I would suggest you buy it offline, after you get a chance to play on your instrument. Your local music store will also give you good deals on accessories like pedals, adapters, covers etc.
  • Where do I buy my instrument and books?
    Your local music store (e.g. Furtado’s, Theme Music or Musik Shack), or you can get it online.
  • Do you take online lessons on Zoom?
    Yes, mostly Zoom because of its features. Some students have taken lessons on Google Duo or Google Meet as well.
  • What age groups do you teach?
    Minimum age to start learning piano- 5 yrs (parents must accompany the child). There’s no upper limit on the age to start learning. I’ve had students who are senior citizens and they’re the most enthusiastic of the whole lot!
  • Do you take group classes?
    I prefer to work with the students in a solo setting. Each student has his/her own requirements and pace of learning. But occasionally I take group classes to brush up theory concepts, or to have a fun/interactive session or a performance class.
  • What is the frequency of the lessons?
    Weekly lessons of 45 mins each.
  • Can I appear for music exams? When?
    You’ll need to have a basic understanding of reading sheet music, music theory, technique before you go to the exam syllabus. The teacher will suggest you to appear for an exam once you’re ready. Having said that, appearing for an exam is not for everyone and is optional.
  • Do your students get performance opportunities?
    Yes. All students perform at our annual recital in March.
  • Can I learn music as a hobby?
    Yes. But if that means you’ll not find time to practice regularly, it won’t be very enjoyable for the student and teacher.
  • If I want to play Bollywood songs, will your lessons help me?"
    Yes. The music lessons are a mix of learning repertoire, technique, music theory, ear training activities and improvisation. In addition to your regular repertoire, your teacher will help you to learn songs that you want to play.
  • How much do the lessons cost?
    Please contact me for details about fees.
  • What is your policy on rescheduling/cancellations?
    You will need to give a 48 hour notice for cancellation/rescheduling. Otherwise the lesson is counted.
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