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Music Lessons with Ajey Deshpande

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Piano &
Electronic Keyboard  

The piano is the easiest instrument to learn but the most difficult to master. Even if this might be true, it doesn't mean that learning piano cannot be fun. 

The electronic keyboard is an extension of the piano. Students prefer learning the keyboard since it is easily available, has lots of interesting sounds, and is a fun instrument. In addition to the traditional way of teaching, Ajey encourages his students to develop a keen ear for music, improvise, figure out melodies and chords by ear. His students have passed with flying colors in TCL examinations of varying grades. One of his students participated in the National Level Kawai Junior Piano competition in May 2019. All of his students perform at his annual recital, which is held in March every year.

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The recorder is a sweet-sounding woodwind instrument. It is easily available, inexpensive, portable, and easy to learn (with a little bit of patience!). Ajey picked up the Descant and Alto Recorder in 2016 and learned to play it by himself. He had an opportunity to take master classes with Portuguese recorder player Antonio Carrilho in November 2016 and 2018. He also gave a grade 4 exam and passed with distinction. 



“He has been a source of great inspiration and his passion is reflected in his teaching. The student concerts are a joy to watch. The grace and poise with which the students play is truly amazing. My daughter was only five when she opened the concert for Ajey...” 

—  Tina Nangrani, Pune, India

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